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The Artists


Freelance artist Tim Geary, otherwise known as “The Pastel Wizard”.  Tim specializes in pastel portraits and caricatures, and has 20 years experience in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Expert in vector art, logos, typography and digital art.


Elisa was born in 1992 in a Northern Italian town called Vicenza. From a very young age, shapes and colors naturally became her means to communicate with the world.

She studied five years at an artistic high school and then graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. During that time she also had the opportunity to teach Illustration in a private school.

Elisa’s artistic background is very traditional since she started out meticulously studying all techniques. However, over the years she found her artistic path through the use of paper. She loves the patterns and textures that paper allows her to create.

She moved to North Carolina in 2016 and began making her way into the American art scene as a freelance illustrator, continuously in search of new visions of the world that she can compose and share.


Deborah’s bio is coming soon. Until then, just know that she’s a wonderful person and artist!